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Made Out of Moments | a thought

I was recently reminded of how we are made out of moments and star dust. That's the reason why we shine bright, but sometimes stars shoot through the sky quicker than we'd like them to, leaving nothing but the remembrance of their light. Maybe that's why light travels faster than sound, so we are meant to savor the glimpse of these lights for a little longer, while they wait for the sound to catch up. Whatever we do has an impact and it is meant to sparkle in the sky for everyone else to see, and only those who pay close attention don't miss it.

Whenever we look up, we might get a little dizzy, feeling like we've lost stability on our feet. We might even fall, which is okay. After all, this only calls to find a new balance. Shaking things up always brings a new sensation that we can work with and that's beautiful. Falling is beautiful. We might feel worried that someone may see us, but maybe whoever does will help us get up and that is also fucking beautiful.

Will they push us down or maybe pull their hand away halfway through coming up? Maybe. We don't know, but if we fall again, the impact won't be the same. It probably won't be as hard, and we will know what to do this time around. It still sucks, sure, but maybe we need to lie down and gaze at the stars with no pressure or rush, no distractions and nothing left to lose. And star gazing may just be the thing that saves us. Being reminded of how bright it is up there helps us look up every once in a while, keeping our heads up and smiling to ourselves. Stop what we are doing, take a deep breath and just be. Play a beautiful song, one that will puncture our hearts so there's fresh blood running through our veins, making us feel alive again. There is no worse thing than feeling numb and we have numbed ourselves. Feeling has become such an agony because we live on a never-ending fear of being vulnerable with others. Did we forget we are all a part of this starry sky? Did we forget we are all made of the same materials, the same emotions, the same thoughts and occurrences? Have we forgotten who we are?

I have come to realize the easiest way to break this protective barrier is to share music. And to share moments with music, well, that's where the magic starts to happen. It's the perfect love potion. I don't even mean a romantic love, just the kind of love that makes you feel warm and ridiculously connected to every heartbeat surrounding yours. They all synch and give in to the moment, and that is how we are made of moments. Because as magical and mystical as this moment may be, it is just that. Tomorrow things will "go back to normal", but that moment right there will live on forever. Even if we decide to move on and even forget it.

We may live many of these magical moments and we can make new memories, but there's a handful that pierce your mind and whenever you hear that one song, that wind of musical notes breathes life into you again. You may remember why life is beautiful, or it may make you sad and melancholic, but either way you feel that warmth again, even just a hint of it.

We are made out of moments and star dust. Some stars may shoot quicker than others, but someone will always be lying down to see it. They will witness a gorgeous tragedy that will remain a moment forever. But thanks to that shooting star, as fast as it may have passed, it reminded us of something... We are meant to touch the sky with our hearts and our minds and expand beyond anything we could possibly imagine. We are infinite waterfalls of cosmic bliss.


Stay Updated!

Thanks, darling.


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