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Hey There

Storytelling is the main thing

In this blog you will find

It can fit just like a ring

Or not at all, which is fine

Take a scroll through this space

And make it yours as well

Dive deep, get enlaced

Within words that I tell

Welcome, darling.

All About Me

Scorpio, water sign, flows like a river and can become as reckless as waves, or become calm as a deep lake.

Water becomes aware of its surroundings, but dictates the course of action. There is no power that can overcome the strength of water and its high energy that masters the art of hiding in plain sight.

The moon is the ocean's intuition, and it whispers a nice tune. The waves dance around to this melody, so beautiful and pure.

This kind of storytelling is different from the others. Why?, you may be asking yourselves. Well, because a Scorpio is lethal, of course. The way we perceive the world is nothing you could ever comprehend, but you can certainly try.

The Scorpio essence and energy is magnetizing, but don't be fooled since you could be lost within the outer beauty that you can see. What lies underneath, however, is beauty that kills. 

It kills slowly, but surely. Not many words, just feelings. But take for granted she will always reveal her darkest secrets and stories to make sure they live on and they don't die with her.

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